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Expat Tax Regime

An “expat desk” provided by an accounting firm is a specialized service that supports expatriates and their families with tax, administrative, and accounting issues when they move to a foreign country for work reasons. These services are designed to facilitate the adaptation of expatriate professionals and their families in a new tax and regulatory context, providing advice and support for a range of complex tax and accounting issues.

Checklist Expat Regime "impatriates" 2024
Checklist Expat Regime "impatriates" 2024

International tax planning

Provides advice and assistance in tax planning for expatriates, including information on international tax regimes, bilateral tax conventions, and strategies to minimize the tax impact on income and assets in multiple countries.

Cross-border tax compliance

It provides support in managing tax compliance in multiple jurisdictions, including the filing of tax returns, the management of tax obligations, and compliance with local and international tax regulations.

Support in managing bureaucratic procedures

It provides assistance with bureaucratic and administrative procedures, such as obtaining visas, work permits, and other necessary authorizations to live and work legally in the host country.

Culture envorvment

We provide detailed information about the culture, traditions, social norms, and local customs in the new country, in order to facilitate adaptation and avoid possible cultural misunderstandings.

Assistance opening a bank account

We provide support in opening a local bank account to efficiently manage financial matters and monetary transactions in the host country like tax, statutory fees and so on.

SPID “digital entity”

We provide support in registering for the SPID system "digital entity" mandatory in Italy, guiding users through the necessary steps and providing assistance in case of problems or questions during the process.

Social Security

We provide information and advice on social security schemes, social security contributions, Italian pension plans, and other aspects related to social security for expatriates and inpatriates.

Consulting for the financial situation

Offers consulting in Italy and assistance for expatriates, including the management of investments, cross-border financial activities, and succession issues in multiple jurisdictions.

Management of international financial transactions

We provide support in managing cross-border financial transactions, including the assessment of the tax and financial implications of such transactions and the management of associated risks.

Partner Legal Consultancy

With our partners, we offer legal advice on international commercial and contractual matters, including the review and drafting of international contracts, the handling of cross-border legal issues, and the resolution of international disputes.

Thanks to our Firm of Chartered Accountants, we offer specialized expertise to address the unique tax and accounting challenges that expatriates may encounter during their work and residence in a foreign country. These services help expatriates effectively manage their financial and tax matters in a complex international context.