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Our Services

Our Services:

Corporate consultancy

  • Advice on company law (ordinary corporate compliance, incorporation of companies, relationships between members, between them and the company, between companies and corporate bodies) and private civil law (drafting of contracts and assistance for issues related to their execution;
  • Professional opinions.

Tax Consulting

  • Advice and assistance in dealing with the tax authorities with respect to both the direct and indirect taxation;
  • Tax planning.


  • Organization and keeping of the accounts according Italian flat-rate scheme, simplified and ordinary company.

Tax Appeals

  • Assistance in tax dispute at the Provincial and Regional Tax Commission.

Receiverships, C.T.U. e C.T.P.

  • Advice and assistance to companies in crisis insolvency; Analysis of the crisis situation, development action programs, voluntary liquidations;
  • Assignments in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • office technical advice of the bankruptcy section of the Third Civil Court of Palermo;
  • Consultations on the technical part in the 'sphere of bankruptcy and civil lawsuits.

Preparing budgets and Statutory Audit of Accounts

  • Advice and assistance relating to the companies' financial statements and group formation according to the rules of the Civil Code, the accounting standards and tax regulations;
  • Analysis and audit;
  • Certification EU Funds (Audit Certificate).

Other services

  • Real-time services: registration documents and certifications of C.C.I.A.A., P.R.A., visure protests, visure Cadastral, massive land registry searches;
  • 730, RED (private income statements), ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator);
  • attendance personnel management service via the website;
  • the income support services:
  • survivors pension, disability; old-age pension and seniority; social allowance; continued voluntary; Redemptions (degree, foreign labor, etc.). supplement, reconstitution and Reassessment of retirement; compensation and /or maternity allowance; verification and updating insurance position;

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